The Desert Experience

This trip is for people who want a bit of an adventure with some special activities.

We travel by jeeps and camels through the vast Sinai desert and endless beaches of the Red Sea. Sand dunes, mountains, canyons, oasis coral reefs.. . We sleep out doors in the deserts landscapes, underneath a clear sky Full of stars.

In The Desert Experience we get a chance to see the fascinating geology, marine life, medicinal plants and a glance into the Bedouin culture.

Every day we eat fresh and healthy food, cooked outdoors by the Bedouins - the nomadic people of the desert.

This is an opportunity to learn and enjoy some amazing snorkeling, drumming, yoga, massage and other activities taught by top professional teachers during the trip.

The Sinai desert, gives us a unique sense of ourselves. We hear ourselves differently, and feel our body in a different way. It gives us a new perspective, which remains with us for life.

Description and details

From the moment we pick you up with our minibus at the Sharem El Sheik Airport, we get into "desert mode" and start to feel the fantastic influence of the warm desert and refreshing clear blue water of the sea.

We drive straight into the desert, with a small stop at the gas station for last "western goods".

We head for an amazing adventure, making a "loop" in the Sinai desert. Starting by the coast of the red Sea, then going into the sand dunes and mountains of the desert, and back to the beach.

We choose a unique itinerary, with a few days in different spots, to get the feeling of these amazing places.

We travel mainly by Jeeps and camels of the Bedouins, who are also our guides, cooks, fishermen and friends.

This is also a great opportunity to learn about their cooking, culture and life style.

Every morning we start with a physical activity followed with a fresh breakfast. After that a variety of activities is offered: snorkeling, drumming, yoga, massage or just relaxing...

We offer our activities, and are open for suggestions, or special needs for different groups.

Dates And Prices

February 06-13, 2009

Private closed trip.


April 08- 15, 2009

16.850 Dk. excl. flight.

2.250 € excl. flight.

2.850 $ excl. flight.

pre-organized groups (minimum 4 people) get a 15% discount.

Children ages 0-5 pay only 10%

6-12 years old pay 50%

13-18 years old pay 70%

The price includes all teachings, activities, food, accommodation, and transportation during the trip.

The price doesn't include tips (BAKSHISH) to the Bedouins, personal shopping and extra meals or drinks on special events.

You must remember to make a health insurance. This trip is an adventure where you take responsibility for your self.

Since we limit our trips to 12 people, we advise you to make a deposit of 150$ to secure your place.

Deposits should be transferred to:

Ilya Magnes:




KTO.-NR: 5010 1209745


IBAN: DK7550100001209745