Short biography

New York - Jerusalem - Sinai

Ilya Magnes was born in New York in 1965 and raised in Jerusalem since 1968.

The Sinai Desert and the Red Sea have played an influential and inspiring role in his life. Since the age of 15 he has been diving in the Red Sea. He has been a navy and commercial diver. Ilya also worked as a professional Dive Master aboard the Fantasea I and II, under the guidance of Red Sea diving pioneer Howard Rosenstein.

Artistic background


Ilya Magnes received a BA in Fine Arts from Bezalel Art & Design Academy, Jerusalem, 1993. He has taught both music and painting since 1994 and has exhibited his work mainly in Denmark. His music includes three solo CDs as well as compositions for theater, cinema, and street performing.

Kaluwa (Stripteez artist) and Ilya Ibiza, Spain 2003

Recent projects


Since the year 2000 Ilya combines drumming workshops with spiritual and physical activities mainly in Sinai desert - Egypt, Scandinavia and Tel Aviv, Israel.

In 2003 Ilya started playing in Ibiza, Spain during the season (May-October) with Marco Osmo as a duo, and as a solo artist.

Rcently Ilya started working with Belly dancers in Israel.

Ilya Magnes Drumming in Sinai 1996.