Ilya Magnes
Music of Ilya Magnes... and his best teacher: Liz Magnes

His music includes three solo CDs as well as compositions for theater and cinema. This current project gives Ilya Magnes an opportunity to share a unique Desert Eperience with others.

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Album 3 ALBUM : Water Dunes (2000)

This is the first time that I am using studio work, and not live performance. I recorded and manipulated some sounds, created loops and tried to give it a live feeling. This album was recorded and produced in my little flat in Copenhagen.

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Album 1 ALBUM : nomadic Freedom (1998)

Is inspired both by my travels to the Sinai Desert, where I spent a great deal of my life, and by my meeting with the Zulu people in South Africa.
As in Desert Gallop, all my music was recorded live as a solo concert. The music you hear is all a live recording. I used here a Lexicon Jam Man for looping my self as I play, and adding layers, and changing instruments as i go along. The only difference between the concert and the CD, is that it is a bit shorter, to fit in a CD time.

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Album 2 ALBUM : Desert Gallop (1996)

This music was created in 1996 for an international theater project in Copenhagen called RE-Map in Teranovas Theater. My music is always a reflection of my life, combining memories, nostalgia from my childhood, and my life today.

All the music in this album was recorded live in the studio, as it was performed by me as a soloist during the performances in '96.

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