This drumming workshop/classes will teach you how to creat rhythms. It will give you tools to learn, understand, create and improvise to any rhythm in the world.

I will give you the tools, and the technique to teach yourself how to improve your sound and drumming technique. Much of the work is simple practice and devotion of years, all depending on the level you want to reach.

Pictures of Iceland and Reykjavik

SINAI and the Red Sea


An adventure in Sinai Desert and Red Sea. Travel through the desert with Jeeps and camels, live with the Bedouins and explore the coasts of the Red Sea and its wildlife. Special activeties...

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Dead Sea
In November 2006, I'll give a workshop in the Dead Sea's most famous oasis - Ein Gedi, where we go for the primitive experience of drumming, floating and mud painting with the rich minerals of the lowest place in the world.

Workshops in the north


Private classes for all levels. The "Sundays under the bridge" will come back in 2006, when I come back from Egypt.

In the summer time, July, we go out with sailboats in the Swedish archipelago to a far island, where we have a drumming workshop for a long weekend. Next one will be in July 2007. For more details, contact:


In mid January, we meet again indoors, while the snow and ice are a beautiful site.

August and February workshops, for adults, children and parents. The adult workshop is also for those who are interested in self-inquiry through drumming. For children and parents, it is an introduction to rhythm and communication.