Drumming workshop / classes

This drumming workshop / classes will teach you how to create rhythms. It will give you tools to learn, understand, create and improvise to any rhythm in the world.

I will give you the tools, and the technique to teach yourself how to improve your sound and drumming technique. Much of the work is simple practice and devotion of years, all depending on the level you want to reach.

Inner Rhythm

I have no intention of "copying" or trying to become an African, or any other "exotic" culture.

Yet I will help you refine your senses and become a "finer channel" (not to sound too "new age", but I have no better words to describe what it is that happens when we open to receiving rhythms, or try to understand where they come from etc.)

Eclectic culture

I will not teach African, Middle Eastern, Balkan or any other specific cultural rhythm. However, my technique is based and inspired by all of them.

Since I am a product of an eclectic culture, I am inspired by all these beautiful cultures. I learn from them and try to adopt it into my living society.

Even though people have their personal doubts, EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS A SENSE OF RHYTHM...! We all have a heart, that beets non stop, and VERY STEADY.... That is the foundation of all rhythm.

It is only our "ego" and personality which comes between our ability to become a pure channel to our own self and the ability to express it.

I believe, that with practicing drumming, we can not only refine our "channels" but also change our personality and habits which we try to fight in various ways.