Adventures in Sinai and Red Sea

A workshop in Sinai Desert and Red Sea with drumming, snorkeling and survival elements... more info for coming trip>>

Sinai is the product of a major disturbance in the earth's crust and part of one of the world's most famous rifts, stretching from Turkey and the Sea of Galilee to the great rift valley in Kenya...

Private classes and workshops for beginners and advanced musicians...
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In the summer time, July, we go out with sailboats...
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August and February workshops, for adults, children and parents...
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what am I doing next

February 06-13, 2009

The desert experience. A trip to Sinai with Bedouins, jeeps, camels, yoga, snorkeling, camp fires, drumming and much more... more info >>

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Midot: Modern belly dance show

Keren Alfasi: Dance

Ilya Magnes: live music

My music

NEW MUSIC : 2000-2005

In this music, I use computer programs for sound, recording and editing combined with the live instruments... some of it isn't finished work, but I like it any way....

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ALBUM : Water Dunes (2000)

This is the first time that I allow myself to use tracks that I create and soun....
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ALBUM : nomadic freedom (1998)

Is inspired both by my travels to the Sinai Desert where I spent...
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ALBUM : Desert Gallop (1996)

This music was created in 1996 for an international theater ...
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